It is a family thing

Our family had always  a special bond with nature.Myron Thalassinos was always a true organic agriculture believer . Really early he understood the importance of biodiversity and organic cultivation. For this reason, he struggled to preserve forgotten herbs , seeds and grains in order to create an autonomous agricultural system in which every cultivation has its purpose in the “circle of nature”.

Growing up and observing their parents living under these principles ,there was only one way for the younger generations.

The winery is a project of the youger son Isidoros, who continues the family’s agricultural tradition by cultivating the vineyeards following organic and biodynamic tehniques, aiming for permaculture .After he finished his studies in Distillation and Organic agriculture, he worked in different fields of winemaking and decided to experiment with different areas and varieties in Heraklion and Lasithi where the roots of the family are and after 15 years of microvinifications in 2020 together with Virginia, his partner in life they decide to start their own boutique winery in the family’s 250 years old  “metohi” as they call it in Crete.

The philosophy

With a restless spirit and a vision to preserve the viticultural heritage of Crete, we vinify selected vineyards, following principles of natural and biodynamic cultivation, aiming at biodiversity and permaculture.

In our winery, we chose to operate manually, with minimal use of electricity and a Zero waste philosophy, creating wines with only indigenous yeasts, low or no sulphites and minimal interventions to bring out the authentic character of the varieties.

The Approach

Head Winemaker , viticulturist

Isidoros Thalassinos

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Assistant Winemaker , Cellar Hand

Virginia Zina,Thalassinou

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Grape Inspector


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